Why Today's Technology is Perfect for Rapid Adoption of Electric Outboard Motors

As electric outboard boat motors become more powerful, the case for transitioning away from gas-powered motors becomes more compelling. 

Electric motors have numerous environmental benefits, including zero emissions, fumes, leaks and spills and noise pollution. However, a variety of issues have prevented universal adoption of this technology including:

  • Range
  • Power
  • User experience
  • Cost
  • Legislative signals

However, just like with electric cars, many of these concerns have been addressed by technology advancements. 

Range Anxiety

More powerful lithium-ion batteries have increased the range of electric. There are also commercially available solar chargers which will allow you to charge onboard. However, for most recreational users, being able to travel 100 miles without charging is sufficient. 

Smart displays allow you to monitor your speed versus battery life and adjust as needed. Lowering your speed will expand your range. 

Power of Electric Outboard Boat Motors

Many people are surprised by how quickly they can get up to speed when operating a electric boat. Electric boats have 30% more torque and respond more quickly to input from the throttle. This makes navigation much easier. 

User Experience

A gas-powered boat can often emit fumes and noise that interfere with your boating experience. You might receive negative feedback from cottagers, other water users or even your own passengers.

An electric-propelled boat can provide a more peaceful and enjoyable experience for everyone. 

The possibilities of technological enhancements onboard are also much greater. Intelligent power systems can collect and deliver data while you monitor your GPS and other data. There is also the possibility of onboard Internet providing weather, entertainment, texting and more at your fingertips. Soon the connected nature of electric cars will be expanded to the water. 

Electric Outboard Cost

As battery technology improves, the cost of electric motors can only be expected to decrease. However, it’s important to remember that even if an electric outboard motor costs more upfront, you will see savings in fuel and maintenance. We estimate that an electric outboard user saves about $9,940 over five years based on normal usage. 

Legislative Signals

Governments are under pressure to reduce emissions in many different industries. In fact, the Netherlands plans to ban gas-powered boats by 2025. 

More local jurisdictions will be looking at marine solutions in coming years. Even if there are no universal bans, you might find that gas motors are not welcome at the lake or waterway you are planning on visiting. Investing in an electric boat can pay off for customers who are planning a new purchase. 

Modern technology has caught up to the ideal of electric transportation and this includes water-based transportation. The environmental benefits combined with advances in power, range and performance make 2023 the right time to consider electric. Contact us to discuss switching to electric-propulsion. 

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