Advanced electric outboard Technology

The world’s first brand with a 1-450HP electric outboard motor


  • Highest-in-class torque and fastest F-to-R response
  • Put an end to CW/CCW engines
  • Gears undamaged by fast changes
  • Gearbox-free forward/backward propulsion
  • Micro-click rotation changes
  • ACEL-patented CPU Inverter Technology enables overload and fire monitoring

Control Your Outboard Motor Like Never Before

Onboard Computer Screen

  • Update system functions via internet just like any smartphone app
  • Full infotainment system attainable via software updates
  • Full mobile device connectivity and integration
  • Comprehensive charging controls: current charge, charge time and charge scheduling
  • Driving mode control: Economy, Sport
  • Full GPS and Sea Chart functionality
  • Never buy another chart plotter again

The Future of Electric Boating Here


  • Unique touchless design
  • IP67 construction with premium aluminium coating
  • Designed to float if dropped in water
  • Full CPU connectivity and integration
  • Lost key protection and programming
  • Long-range RFID technology maximizes battery life
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a type of passive wireless technology that allows for tracking or matching of an item or individual.

Choose The Perfect Battery For Your Electric Outboard Motor


  • Take full control of your battery
  • Customizable power for propelling larger boats and yachts
  • Remaining charge time and range clearly displayed
  • Warning light when specified time or range surpassed
  • Never run out of battery while out at sea
  • Supercharger based on ACEL-patented technology
  • Sub-zero temperature protection for prolonged charge and performance

Leading The Electric Marine Revolution

Endless Customization


Chargers are included

Charge from home Outlet, Shore Power or EV Outlet

    • List of charging options
  • 110V-240V / 15A / 3.3KW           Included
  • 110V-240V / 30A / 6.6KW           Optional 
  • 110V-240V / 50A / 12 KW           Optional 
  • 240V / 50A 12KW                         Optional 

Take Hold of The Waves


  • Uniquely designed, cable-free digital throttle
  • Integrated connectivity with 2 sensor options
  • Control entire system or throttle only
  • LED lighting for confident use in all conditions
  • Durable waterproof construction
  • Emergency STOP and power control override features