Go electric.
Be limitless.
Instant acceleration.
High torque.

The future of boating is here,
and it's electric.

Extend your fun time on the water.

No need to visit a gas station or marina to fill up with fuel.

No fumes.
ACEL’s electric outboards produce zero emissions during operation, which can have a significant positive impact on the environment.
Waterproof design.
Designed with a special coating that can withstand exposure to water, protecting its internal wiring and components from potential damage.

Experience the tranquility of electric.

Operates silently without the noise typically associated with the combustion process.

Instant acceleration.

Exhibits a flat torque curve, enabling supply of maximum torque from a standstill, providing immediate acceleration.

Bigger, powerful battery.

Keep power stored for longer with our advanced battery technology.

Experience to go farther
without worrying.

Instant cut off battery damage or leakage.

Battery damage or leakage is rare in well-maintained batteries, and ACEL’s electric outboard use high-quality batteries that won’t leak or become damaged.

Battery over heating protection / over loading protection.

Safe and reliable.

ACEL’s electric outboard motors are designed to be safe and reliable, and overheating protection is an important part of the design.

More stable lithium ion battery,
280° up for thermal overrun.

Power up your boat with our
cutting-edge electric outboard

Plug-in solar, generator and
hydrogen fuel cell system

Provides a sustainable, energy flexibility,

longer range and power source for


12V Power supply from high voltage battery.

12V power supply from a high voltage battery can provide several benefits for electric outboards, including convenience, efficiency, cost savings, and space savings.

Feel the vibration when pushing the throttle.

Provides a convenient and precise way for the operator to control the speed of the motor, making it easier to navigate and maneuver the boat.

Monitor your entire vessel on your dashboard.

Take the helm and stay in command with a high-tech dashboard that displays all the vital stats of your boat, putting you in control of your boating experience.”

Experience clarity precision with

IPS Technology

Immersive Viewing Experience

Experience breathtaking visuals like never before with IPS technology – the ultimate display solution for color accuracy, wider viewing angles, and an immersive viewing experience that will leave you spellbound!

Elevate your viewing with an extra-bright screen

Unobstructed fun in the sun – no hindrance under direct sunlight.

Prominent and easily readable charging screen display

5 inches charging screen display to provide real-time information on the charging status of the battery, including the amount of charge remaining and the time remaining until the battery is fully charged.


Wireless key control for a seamless and effortless boating experience

Illuminate the
nautical realm with
LED strips

To provide visibility, safety, style, and energy efficiency.

Instant planing and acceleration

ACEL’s electric outboard planing speeds in as little as 3 seconds

ACEL Electric Outboards

Now available in 50HP & 75HP

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