What is the Range of ACEL Power's Electric Outboard Motors?

Electric outboards present a compelling alternative to traditional gas motors, offering safety, quiet operation, and sustainability benefits. Yet, questions about range often arise. In this article, we delve into the range dilemma with electric outboards and explore the innovations in battery technology that have addressed these concerns.

The Range Dilemma with Electric Outboards

Range, a common concern with electric vehicle (EV) motors, refers to how far a charged boat can travel. Monitoring and controlling range are essential aspects of electric outboard usage. Our outboard motor systems simplify this with an intuitive touchscreen system.

Factors Affecting Range

Range can vary due to several factors, including:

  • Speed
  • Weight
  • Tide strength
  • Battery charge status
  • Temperature

Selecting an intelligent system is crucial for optimizing each charge, ensuring you get the most out of your electric outboard.

Monitoring Your Journey

Our user-friendly touchscreen provides valuable information, such as:

  • Speed
  • Battery charge
  • Remaining range at current speed
  • Power consumption

This data empowers users to manage their time on the water effectively and safely, including the ability to adjust speed as needed. Additionally, our system incorporates GPS, eliminating navigational errors.

Innovation in Battery Technology

It’s important to understand that many of the range concerns of the past have been solved by continuous innovation and battery technology development. EV competition is heating up and companies have invested in R&D to stay current. 

While electric outboards have made significant strides in range, it’s essential to ensure it meets your specific needs. For those seeking extended range, onboard solar or portable chargers are viable options. However, for most recreational boaters, ACEL Power’s motors offer more than sufficient range, with a maximum reach of approximately 120 miles (200 kilometers).

Integrated Battery Solutions

Unlike some competitors that require you to buy your battery separately, ACEL Power provides an integrated battery system designed to work seamlessly with our motors. This integration ensures accurate and accessible range information.

Our product lineup offers versatility and power:

50HP: Battery pack with two stable li-ion batteries connected to a control module

75HP: Battery pack with three stable li-ion batteries connected to a control module

This configuration enhances power and range compared to single-battery designs found elsewhere in the market. Additionally, ACEL Power’s battery pack is designed to last at least seven years with regular usage.

Embark on the Electric Journey with ACEL Power

Now is the opportune moment to introduce electric propulsion to your clients. Range concerns that once plagued EV technology have been effectively addressed. Once your customers experience the quiet and torque of electric outboards, they’ll be convinced. Our systems are customizable, and we’re ready to help determine the ideal configuration for your products. Reach out to us today to explore how ACEL Power can assist you in electrifying your product offerings and staying at the forefront of the electric outboard revolution.

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