ACEL Technology

Inverter (Patent) AKA Motor Controller, VFD Variable Frequency Drive

CPU monitored Current Monitoring Detecting, Voltage Monitoring Detecting, Temperature Monitoring Detecting, Overload Protection, False Short Circuit Detection.

  • Auto Protection and reset in case of overload or high temperature to prevent fire
  • Overload and high-temperature warning
  • Data Visibility for onboard computer, in terms of power consumption or remote monitoring (Phone or PC)
    • Giving visibility and control to the power train
  •  US patent number  66466849

ACEL Batteries

Battery Customization & Technology

Battery packs are customizable based on your required range and application.

ACEL works with its customers to provide the best possible solution for your Electric Outboard.

A Fire Suppression System prevents heating and provides the certified safety requirements for the marine industry.

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