ACEL Power's Electric Outboards: Setting New Safety Standards for ABCMI and Embracing Automotive Safety Certifications



ACEL Power, a leading innovator in electric outboard motors, is taking proactive measures to ensure the highest level of safety in their products. ACEL is currently working on establishing safety standards for the American Boat and Yacht Council Marine Industry (ABCMI) while also adopting automotive safety standards and certifications. In this blog post, we will discuss how ACEL Power’s commitment to safety is shaping the electric outboard motor industry and setting a new benchmark for marine safety standards. 


ACEL Power is working closely with ABCMI to develop comprehensive safety standards for electric outboard motors. These safety standards aim to protect both boat operators and passengers by ensuring the highest level of reliability and performance in electric outboards. Some key aspects of these safety standards include: 


Electrical Systems 

ACEL Power is focusing on developing robust electrical systems that can withstand the harsh marine environment, ensuring the long-term durability and safety of electric outboard motors. 

Thermal Management 

Efficient thermal management is crucial to maintaining the safety and performance of electric outboards. ACEL Power is working on safety standards that address optimal cooling and temperature control, preventing overheating and potential failures. 

Battery Safety 

Battery safety is another critical aspect of electric outboard safety standards. ACEL Power is developing guidelines to ensure the safe and reliable operation of batteries in marine applications, minimizing the risk of accidents related to battery malfunctions. 


Adopting Automotive Safety Standards and Certifications 


ACEL Power recognizes the value of established safety standards and certifications in the automotive industry. To further enhance the safety of their electric outboard motors, ACEL Power is adopting automotive safety standards and certifications, including: 

Crash Testing 

ACEL Power is committed to conducting rigorous crash testing on their electric outboard motors, ensuring that they can withstand extreme forces and maintain their structural integrity in the event of an accident. 

Quality Management 

By adhering to automotive quality management standards, such as ISO 9001, ACEL Power ensures the consistent quality and safety of their electric outboards throughout the manufacturing process. 


Component Certifications 

ACEL Power is also adopting component-level certifications, such as the Automotive Electronics Council’s AEC-Q100 standard for integrated circuits. This ensures that all components used in their electric outboard motors meet stringent safety and reliability requirements. 




ACEL Power’s dedication to safety is evident in their efforts to create safety standards for ABCMI and adopt automotive safety standards and certifications. By raising the bar for safety in the electric outboard motor industry, ACEL Power is fostering a safer and more reliable boating experience for all. As the marine industry continues to shift towards eco-friendly propulsion options, ACEL Power’s commitment to safety will play a crucial role in building consumer confidence and driving the adoption of electric outboard motors. 


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