ACEL Power Electrifies the 2023 IBEX Show with Innovative Electric Outboard Systems

ACEL Power is planning to bring the future of electric boating to the upcoming 2023 IBEX Show, North America’s premier event for boat manufacturers. Whether you plan on attending or not, we’re excited to share what’s in store.


First-to-Market Powerful Electric Motor Systems


ACEL Power became the trailblazer as the first company to enter into mass production with our 50 and 75HP outboard motor systems. Our mission? To be the best electric boat motor company by offering an unmatched user and dealer experience in the world of boating.

Boat manufacturers have quickly come to appreciate that our systems provide everything they need to equip boats with zero-emission motors. And we don’t stop there; we’ve designed our systems to seamlessly transmit crucial information right to users’ fingertips. With our intuitive touchscreen interface, boaters can effortlessly monitor and control speed, range, and battery status, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride every time they hit the water.


Best Electric Boat Motor for Performance


But what truly sets ACEL Power apart is our commitment to proving that choosing electric doesn’t mean compromising on performance. According to Cofounder and CEO, Anthony Liu, “From the moment boaters hit the throttle, they feel the excitement of electric power, which boasts 30 percent more torque. This means nearly instant acceleration and faster planing speeds, all while making the eco-conscious choice with electric.”


When you choose ACEL Power, you’re not just choosing sustainability; you’re choosing power, range, and performance. It’s a complete ecosystem that supports you and your customers as with convenience and great user experience. 


Zero Emissions, Zero Compromises


Our systems outshine traditional gas-powered alternatives by offering zero emissions, eliminating fumes and noise, and delivering unparalleled power and range. But there’s more to our story. ACEL Power’s secret sauce lies in our use of stable Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries. These batteries are renowned for their safety, setting them apart from the NMC batteries used by competitors.


Join Us at the IBEX Show


The IBEX show, North America’s premier technical trade event for marine professionals, is set to run from October 3-5 at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, FL. This is your chance to experience firsthand the innovations ACEL Power brings to the world of electric marine propulsion. Our systems are completely customizable, so we can find the best electric boat motor for you. Visit our booth 1-313 in the Sustainable Technology Pavilion to learn more. 


Currently, ACEL is actively expanding its product range, offering models ranging from 1 to 500HP, and developing an ecosystem to support electric boating. This ecosystem includes smart chargers, automation, service subscriptions, onboard entertainment, and more. Stay connected with ACEL Power as we continue to reshape the future of electric marine propulsion.

ACEL Power is excited to invite you to the forefront of electric boating innovation. If you plan on attending the IBEX Show, don’t miss your chance to explore our groundbreaking electric outboard systems. Add us to your show planner here. See you there!



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