How Electric Outboard Motors Work

The benefits of electric can be seen in the increased adoption of all types of electric vehicles on our roads from bikes to trucks and buses. But how does electric work in the water? Electric boat motors are becoming popular for many reasons.

The first thing you’ll learn about electric is that it’s not hard to operate. Once the motor is installed and hooked up to the vehicle control unit (VCU), you can basically operate things by the throttle and touchscreen. 

Sustainability Benefits

As you may already know, electric outboards do not emit emissions or fumes, but did you also know that they are practically silent? At any speed, you can enjoy the tranquility of the water and carry on a conversation. There’s no chance of spills or leaks to spoil the habitat and, don’t worry, the battery pack is waterproof if it does happen to come into contact with the water. 


ACEL Power’s system includes a throttle that helps provide a hands-on boating experience. It gives the user control and the ability to feel the vibration. This provides easy intuitive navigation compared to electric motors that operate by buttons only.

Vehicle Control Screen (VCU)

The ACEL Power system is equipped with an intelligent power supply that collects data and sends it to the VCU. The user can use the VCU to monitor battery status, range, speed and other important information. 

Where Can I Install an Electric Outboard?

Electric outboard motors can be installed on a variety of different boats such as pontoons, skiffs, powerboats and trawlers. Contact us if you need more information about installation. Our current horsepower range includes 50 and 75HP motors, but additional motors are currently in development ranging from 1-650HP. 

Why Do Electric Motors Have More Torque? 

Electric motors have a flat torque curve. This allows you to accelerate almost instantly compared to gas motors that take time to reach their peak. The additional torque (about 30%) allows you to reach planing speeds faster and provides the sensation of more power (without the noise, of course). 


To charge your electric outboard motor battery, you can use a regular AC plug or a portable DC charger. Solar charging is another option which is especially helpful for charging your battery pack onboard. The ACEL Power systems come with a DC charging station which charges faster than AC. 

Less Maintenance

Combustion engines have a lot of moving parts that require repeated maintenance. On average, electric outboard users save $3500 over five years in maintenance fees.

There is some maintenance required with your electric outboard system, but it will seem a lot simpler once you get the hang of it. Check the schedule in your owner’s manual. 


The evolution of lithium-ion battery technology can be credited with the range and power of today’s electric motors. In fact, one of ACEL Power’s founders was a early pioneer in the development of this technology. Lithium ion batteries have twice the power of lead acid batteries. Plus, ACEL Power uses the stable LFP type of battery which does not have the risk of explosion or fire seen with the use of NMC batteries.

Nevertheless, electric-only motors typically cannot go as far as a full tank of gas and, currently, many marinas are not equipped to charge your battery during a quick stopover. Our motors go up to 200 kilometres. In the future, we plan to invest in charging infrastructure similar to EV charging stations seen at shopping centres and elsewhere. As electric motors become more common, convenience will only increase. 

In the meantime, you can manage your range using the vehicle control unit (VCU). This will tell you how much range you have at the current speed. To increase the range, decrease your speed. 

Electric outboard motors have made epic strides in power and performance. If you’re unsure about switching to electric, taking a test drive will show you how much the technology has improved. Get in touch today to learn more about installing ACEL Power electric outboard motors. 

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