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The new Acel Power electric marine motors are here to take over the world of boating! These state-of-the-art motors will provide huge cost savings and allow an easy transition into electric power. With customizable batteries, 7 to 24” monitor displays – there’s no reason not be on board with Acel Power today!

The world is shifting toward electric motors, and Acel Power is at the forefront of this shift with our revolutionary EV marine products. We’re focused on designing high-quality motors from 1 HP up to 450+ HP that can power any type or size boat – all while being both scalable and cost effective for users! With an already successful history as manufacturer/supplier within lithium ion battery technology ($3B worth), we have over $15m in current orders we need to raise capital to fulfill.

Acel Power
for Marine

  • Focused on high horsepower segment where 70% of the market is.
  • Exit through IPO or acquired by strategic investors (major outboard manufacturers, OEM boat builders or other marine or EV related industry leaders).
  • Currently have $15m in booked revenue
  • Patent valuation of over $200m
  • Founders have deep product innovation, design and manufacturing experience with lithium-ion batteries, power inverters and many other consumer electronics products.
  • EV’s have the highest valuation in the market. Tesla is a great example.

Why invest in Acel Power?

$15 million

Current orders Acel Power
 are $15 million

Mass production

Mass production in place current and new production starts in November.

Experienced team

Team has 100+ years in power inverter and 30+ years in lithium ion battery manufacturing

5 electric engine makers

1500 boat manufacturers in the world and only 5 gas engine makers.

Largest boat builders

Acel is working with the largest boat builders in the U.S, China, Canada, Europe and the Middle East.

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