Yes, any battery configuration or battery chemistry can be used as long as the maximum voltage of the system is not exceeded.

Maximum performance will be achieved by using ACEL batteries, speak to your ACEL dealer for up-to-date information.

ACEL power is currently delivering 50,60 and 75 horsepower (equivalent) systems. Higher horsepower (much higher!) will be available in 2023.

Our electric outboards can be purchased with or without a battery pack. Please refer to our website for current pricing and options.

The current global supply issue makes this difficult to answer.

As long as your pre-order remains in place your place in our production schedule is guaranteed, You will receive regular notifications.

The answer varies, depending on motor power, battery capacity, average speeds and other factors such as wind and currents.

Your ACEL dealer can work with you to suggest a complete system that will meet your requirements.

That depends on the size and type of boat. If you are not sure, ask an ACEL sales person who would be able to give you the best advise on the Propulsion System.

We design our systems for optimum performance and range. Our ability to customize the Propulsion System offers the boater options even later if required. It’s important to know what are your range and runtime requirements especially on a new hull, re-powering could be challenging and is dependent on space and weight. ACEL has been working with OEMs extensively to address this, please rest assured and we have a solution for you.

ACEL has a unique technology that prevents this and our batteries are safe for use.

Our battery supply is capable of providing a 1000 watt supply to all other appliances on the boat.

The onboard computer screen provides BI, Monitoring and Evaluation of all components such as the battery temperature and range. The screen also provides helpful information like GPS Plotter, FishFinder and can integrate other services and software. The system is NEMA 2000 compliant and adaptable.

In theory, yes, but all motors should be handled by a professional. Safety is our priority and therefore only a trained professional certified by ACEL Power Incorporated should be allowed to rig/install the motor.

The ACEL Electric Motor is designed to fit all boat types. Minor changes might be required if re-powering is being carried out. ACEL provides support and recommendations for this situation.

We don’t recommend this at all unless he is certified by ACEL’s Partner Program.

ACEL manufactures with the latest technology. The battery packs are customizable and stackable.

The motor is 125kg (75HP) and the battery packs 168kg. The weight will increase depending on the size of the motor and no. of battery packs.

It depends on the shore charge or power source. For example, on a 20kWh battery, it should take 6 hrs with a 15A source, 4 hrs with a 30A source and +/-3 hrs with a 50A source.

 Yes, we will have the Northpoint plan in place for Dealers/OEM’s. As for consumers, a payment plan is offered online in our website.

We don’t advise this as our system is fully integrated and interconnected.

Yes, your current steering wheel would work as it is what we call ‘ Fly by Wire’.

Yes, we have online support available through our website and you can call our offices directly if required for additional help or support.

Single Battery Dimensions:  40 x 22 x 18 cm  (1 pack/22kg/48lbs)

Total weight: 20kWh  (7 modules + 1 Controller) = 168 KG /370lbs ;   30.2kWh = 252kg/555lbs

A single charger is available that can be carried onboard or left at shore on the marina allowing the boater to conveniently charge the boat. Extensions are available to reach boats at marinas, if required.

These batteries are designed for the automotive industry. It is important to note that Marine grade is different. Ask your Dealer about this or contact ACEL Power for more information.

Follow the safety protocol first. Contact the Coast Guard or a Recognized Company that will get you back to shore safely. Contact your Dealer or ACEL Power to find a solution.

It’s should be within 24 hrs but depends on the time of the call and office hours. With the automated system and the turnaround time, you should be back in your boat in no time.

Yes. See website for details. Each product has its Warranty. All products are not covered if its corroded and if the owner is negligent in any way.

What is the weight of each one? 7 packs and 1 Battery Control System. Each battery weighs 23kg. The total system depending on the kWh increases in weight.

No. We have a Fire Suppression System and our batteries are safe for use in any boat.

The batteries are IP67 Rated. The product is marine grade compliant.

Yes the ACEL motors are producing +/-20% more than the equivalent gas motor.

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