Date: 7th September 2022

Co-Founders of ACEL POWER INC, hosted the MP Mr Taleeb Noormohamed

On the 7th September 2022, the two Canadian Co-Founders of ACEL Power Inc., Anthony Liu and John Liu (below on either side of the MP) hosted the MP, the Honourable Mr Taleeb Noormohamed, Federal Marpole MP at the Milltown Marina in Richmond, Vancouver to launch the 1st Electric Boat with the ACEL powered Electric Outboard Propulsion System. It’s the 1st Electric Boat launch on the water at this Marina. The crowds gathered and were impressed with the technology and power. 
Mr Noormohamed was excited to take his maiden voyage on a boat powered by an Electric Outboard Propulsion System designed and manufactured by a Canadian company. ACEL Power Incorporated is heading towards production and starts to supply its first motors at the end of 2022 with full scale supply in early 2023.
The company is leading the way on the Electric Outboard Propulsion System front with mass supply planned for Q1 2023.
It’s great to see a Canadian company at the forefront of Innovation and Sustainability in the Renewable Energy sector making huge strides with their innovative products and future thinking in Marine. ACEL being a member of the NMMA and now shortlisted as one of Canada’s best start-ups is set to make an impact on the Global market in the next 3-6 months.
The company is poised for success and is excited to share its Innovation with the World.
visit: www.acelpower.com for more information.
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